Consumers want non-plastic packaging options

As the anti-plastics movement steamrolls across the globe, many consumer packaged goods companies (CPGs) are shying away from plastic packaging. Are they leading or following consumers? Exclusive research reveals that consumers expect brand owners to voluntarily replace single-use plastic packaging with non-plastic alternatives.

But will consumers still want non-plastic packaging options once they learn more about packaging sustainability? That may be the burning question brand marketers need to answer as they set packaging sustainability goals.
Download your free copy of the 2019 Packaging Consumer Survey on Plastic Packaging Sustainability report key insights below:
• American consumers are deeply concerned about the impact of single-use plastic packaging on the environment. Almost a third (31%) of respondents say their concern about the eco impact of plastic packaging is as high as it can possibly be. And, on the scale of 0 to 10, 61% of consumers checked 8, 9 or 10. This implies they are hyper aware of the current climate surrounding plastic packaging.
• Two thirds of respondents say the situation with disposable plastic packaging is the worst it’s ever been, but consumers also don’t think it has peaked yet: 82% say it will continue to escalate.
• A whopping 89% of survey respondents have faith that recycling can have a positive impact on marine debris.

• Consumers are not as aware as industry professionals as to the struggling state of recycling in the U.S., ranking “Low recycling rates” second to last in a list of environmental concerns. Respondents to our industry study rank that second from the top. A slightly higher percentage of consumers say recycling in the U.S. is healthy than say it’s not: 45% chose “Vibrant and Strong” or “Moderately Healthy” versus 39% who say “Struggling” or “Poor.”

Non woven fabric is eco-friendly materials, we advise to use eco-friendly disposible packaging to instand of plastic one.



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